• Call of May 4

  • «For a local and sustainable humanist revival»

  • On the day of the reopening of parliament, let us unite to make our elected representatives hear the desire to see a different, more humane and sustainable future emerge.

    Since the beginning of semi-confinement, our lives and habits have changed drastically. We all have had ex-periences out of the ordinary questioning our way of life and our values, sometimes with pain, but also with the joy of a strengthened social bond and renewed contact with nature.

    This COVID-19 experience has been a wake-up call telling us that things must change. Many of us want to build a different future, one that is more respectful of human beings and nature.

    Crises are, par excellence, pivotal moments, when the field of possibilities widens.

    Parliament meets in extraordinary session from 4 to 8 May to accompany the Federal Council in the aftermath of COVID-19. Economic circles expressed themselves widely on this subject putting pressure on a rapid restart of the system in «business as usual» mode, support for large companies, all too often neglecting families and the self-employed.

    Let’s not give them a monopoly on speech. Today more than ever, in our direct democracy, our representatives must listen to the voice of those who are not heard.

    We have all experienced the essential and the superfluous, and we have all seen that our survival depends on many professions related to health and food, professions that are often undervalued.

    We have all realized that the abundance of food is not immutable, food that comes from a nature mistreated by the policy of globalized economy supported by our governments.

    Everyone has experienced the importance of the place of women in our society and in our homes, who too often combine paid work with domestic work.

    For these reasons, we call on parliamentarians to put in place an economic recovery program

    • More social
    - Valuing professions that have proven to be essential in these times of crisis
    - Recognize the fundamental role of domestic work largely performed by women
    - Supporting those forgotten by «COVID» support programs («small» independent)

    • More local
    - Favour short circuits
    - Reduce international dependencies (food, medical products, etc.)

    • More ecological
    - Conditioning support for sustainable economic activities

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Geneviève Pasche, retraitée, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
Heidi Rihs, Conseillère conjugale, Courrendlin
Christina Dittmann, Architektin, Gümligen
Ich bin von den Eltern fürs Klima auf Euch aufmerksam gemacht worden. Ich unterstütze in Deutschland den Jugendrat der Generationenstiftung, der ganz ähnliche Ziele verfolgt. Vielleicht können wir hier Synergien nutzen? Viele Grüsse von Christina
Jérôme Glutz, , Cologny
Valerie Maegerli , Account manager , Bellevue
Bonjour, Je recourbée aujourd’hui votre initiative et n’ai malheureusement pas pu signer la pétition. Je souhaite être informée de la suite de cette initiative. Merci d’avance
Aurélien Gamboni, artiste, 1217 Meyrin
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Luc Blecha, Ingénieur, Lausanne
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Antoine Erriquez, Photographe, Genève
La couverture de celles et ceux qui la tirent sur elles/eux, est souillée du sang et des larmes de celles et ceux qui souffrent.
Georges Mermillod, , Lonay
Paul Marti, , St. Gallen